Own Music & Songs

Tunes of some of them to follow, when I've done the dots, in the meantime informal recordings of some of them available on request.

  1. Atlantic Rollers  -  March for Open C guitar, used in the Open C Tutorial.
  2. Bring Us In Good Ale  -  A send-up of the traditional song.
  3. Cheddar Gorge  -  Song.
  4. Day's End  -  Song.
  5. Mad March Gales  -  Song.
  6. Perfume On My Mind  - Song.
  7. Poor Old Heap  -  A send-up of the traditional shanty 'Poor Old Horse'.
  8. Sally In The Woods  -  Reel.

Other Music & Songs

As far as I know there are no copyright restrictions on any verses here not contributed by me.