Perfume On My Mind

Charles Macfarlane

In the cool outside the bar
With the smoky atmosphere,
An attractive girl complained of cold
So we cuddled each other there;
She proffered me her lips
And smiled so fair,
And left me with the fragrance
Of perfume on my hair.

And later in the evening
As we left that place,
We caught each other's arms
In a fond embrace,
And acrid cigarette smoke
Cannot now displace
The tantalising fragrance
Of perfume on my face

I sit at home with empty gaze
Upon the starlit land;
This name and number that I have
Pursues a love unplanned;
Restless mind revolving ...
Fires of excitement fanned ...
By the ever elusive fragrance
Of perfume on my hand.

When I dial the number
Whom shall I find?
To each other's daydreams
Will we both be kind?
Heavy-hearted will we part
Or some deeper loving find?
Will I keep the fragrance
Of perfume on my mind?


You know that overwhelming dizziness when you've kissed a new girl for the first time, and for the rest of the night you can smell her perfume on you?

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