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If youYou have come here because of one of the above errors , then please.  Please accept my apologies.  The two most likely causes are:

  1. You are following a bad Uniform Resource Locator (URL), perhaps because it has been truncated by word-wrap, had spurious characters appended to it, or simply just been miscopied  all three seem to happen quite often, especially the first;
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  3. A scripting error internal to the site.

Either way, I hope you will be able to find what you are looking for in the Site Index or the Test Site Index.


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Apart from a few 'example' pages, which depend upon third-party services, in the ProgScriptWeb section, all other pages on this site should function correctly using the secure communications protocol HTTPS.  Simply use https: at the beggining of a URL, rather than http:, to invoke this.


Javascript is essential for pages involving calculations, conversions, or maps.  Elsewhere, it is used cosmetically (if it isn't running, things will work, but look less good), for example, to improve clarity on some pages by allowing more detailed content to be shown or hidden by the visitor  in such cases, all content is shown if Javascript is disabled.


If you consider anything on this site to be worth quoting please credit me appropriately.  If you wish to reproduce any of my work in full, please note the copyright restrictions on the home pages …
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         Charles Macfarlane.


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