Satellite TV In The UK

Technical Support

This section contains technical support notes on Satellite TV in the UK.

  1. Mounting A Dish Or Rotor - 1 General Introduction
  2. Mounting A Dish Or Rotor - 2 Alignment Settings Calculator
  3. Mounting A Dish Or Rotor - 3 Fixed Dish
  4. Mounting A Dish Or Rotor - 4 H-H Rotor
  5. Scientific Analysis - 1 The Clarke Belt
  6. Scientific Analysis - 2 Dish & Rotor Settings
  7. Scientific Analysis - 3 A Fixed Dish
  8. Scientific Analysis - 4 An H-H Rotor
  9. Perspective Distortion In Satellite Mapping Images

Please note TV In The UK which summarises the options for receiving TV in the UK, and also attempts the impossible task of explaining the differences between FreeToAir (FTA), Freeview, FreeToView (FTV), Freesat, and FreesatFromSky, which are also listed in the AV & TV Glossary.

There is also Choosing A TV, intended as a useful starting point for buying a new TV.

Also, if you are interested in exploring further some of the mathematics supporting these pages, you may find this Excel spreadsheet useful:
     Satellite Alignment Calculations (Excel Spreadsheet)