Charles Macfarlane

Soft moonlight breathed across the bed
Where lay the girl I hoped to wed
The contours of her sleeping form
Were bathed in humid air so warm
No sheet or nightdress did disguise
This Sleeping Beauty from my eyes.
I tiptoed quietly to my bride
And lying softly by her side
Her gentle, flowing curves caressed
And kisses planted on her breast,
'Til stirring, pushing me away,
She would've slept until the day
Had not a silent teardrop cast
Awoken her, the why to ask:

"All the words in all the world
Could ne'er express my love for you;
No silken garments bright unfurled
Could e'er be fit to cover you;
All the fireworks skywards hurled
Could ne'er speed more my heart than you;
No volcano's lava curled
Could e'er bleed more than I for you!"

She wrapped her limbs around my fire
Lain thus our passion spiralled higher
'Til we were molten, forged as one,
Deep cast in sleep, 'til rose the sun.


Creative Commons Licence Copyright of this work is held by Charles Macfarlane, who licenses it under a Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales)