JavaScript Command-Line Parser

A working demonstration both of a J(ava)Script Command-Line parser, and of object-oriented programming in JavaScript. 

This script is a useful set of objects to solve a common problem  parsing the command-line passed to console scripts.  However, it is also a working demonstration of object inheritance in JavaScript, based on the techniques explained in an excellent tutorial:
Object Hierarchy And Inheritance In Javascript

Although it is not intended to explain object inheritance here, as a non-trivial working implementation of it, this script may prove a useful guide.

You can demonstrate the script online here by entering, say, ? to get help, and then following the help given to work out a valid command-line.  To download the script, <Right-Click> CmdLine.js  and choose Save As.





Updated Description
13/06/2010 v1.1  -  Safer Array for() loops if the Array.prototype is altered.
09/12/2009 Created v1.