JavaScript Extras v2.6

Arrays, Browsers, CSS, Events, Slide Show, Toggle & Button Blocks, Tree Walk, URLs

This page documents useful functionality in the script used throughout this site.  Click the green text to see details of each section.

To download the script to your PC, <Right-Click> General.js and choose Save As.

If you absolutely must have the previous version, it's still available from the previous version of this page:  Generalv1.html.

Updated Description
30/12/2021 v2.6  -  Added extra parameter to and general update of SlideShow.
20/04/2014 v2.4  -  Altered URLRel function to allow for deprecation of ./<etc> in HTML5
04/03/2014 v2.3  -  Make Browser Sniffer recognise IE11+
05/09/2010 v2.2  -  Improvements to Browser Sniffer.
13/06/2010 v2.1  -  Safer Array for() loops if the Array.prototype is altered.  Better Chrome detection by Browser Sniffer.
30/04/2010 Created v2 documenting new or further functionality.
12/02/2010 Corrected missing dots (periods, full-stops) in some style listings.
09/12/2009 Created v1.