3.1  Motion Artifacts

ii  Photographic Demonstration Of Motion Artifacts On A CRT TV & An LCD TV


This follow-up to my original experiment extends the results to demonstrate that the only type of motion artifact that I have yet observed occurs on both CRT and LCD televisions.

The characteristics of the artifact being investigated are diagonal lines across the edges of horizontally moving objects.  These are possibly a particular type of 'dot crawl', and ...

Consequent to these characteristics, the best I can hope to do is show that these types of artifacts occur on both types of display, which follows directly.


CRT Example
Artifact Example - CRT
LCD Example
Artifact Example - LCD


While equipment restrictions did not allow a rigorous comparison, it has been proved that this type of motion artifact occurs on both types of television.


Please see the description in CRT vs LCD, except that the LCD television was:

Note:  The LCD is much larger than the CRT, whereas in a rigorous comparison, they would have to be of comparable screen size, as for the other experiments  it being possible only to show that such artifacts existed, not to do a rigorous comparison of particular artifacts, I simply used the most convenient LCD to hand.

Experimental Procedure

The signal source was a Eurosport International analogue satellite transmission on 16/01/2008 1400-1600 of the group phase of the Women's Volleyball Qualification For The Olympic Games, received from 19.2E by a Pace MSS100 receiver.

Composite video was chosen because these artifacts are not discernible in RGB.

Photographs were taken at maximum zoom to show the artifacts most clearly.

Other notes as for the parent document CRT vs LCD.

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