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Test Page With No Styling

This is a test page with absolutely no styling whatsoever.  It can be useful for various things such as testing whether a browser displays readable text when the user's desktop has a colour scheme based on white text on a black background  -  some don't  -  or as a comparison against which to check the effect of applying particular styling in particular browsers.

This is Heading 1 (<h1>) text.

This is Heading 2 (<h2>) text.

This is Heading 3 (<h3>) text.

This is Heading 4 (<h4>) text.

This is Heading 5 (<h5>) text.
This is Heading 6 (<h6>) text.

This is paragraph (<p>) text.

This is code (<code>) text.

This is em (<em>) text.

This is strong (<strong>) text.

This is table caption(<caption>) text
This is table header (<thead>) text
(<tbody>)Column 1Column 2
Row 1Cell 1,1Cell 1,2
Row 2Cell 2,1Cell 2,2
This is table footer (<tfoot>) text