Shinness Broadband Investigation


As most reading this will be already be aware, my name is Charles Macfarlane, and at the end of 2016 I put a leaflet around the houses in Shinness reporting that the neighbourhood would not be included in the imminent rollout of FTTC at the Lairg Exchange, and asking whether there would be any interest in trying to improve things.  As I received 39 positive responses, a comfortable majority, I created the submission linked below and sent it to HIE on 29/12/2016.  However, I now have to report that unfortunately our submission has been rejected by HIE, because of budgetary constraints  they have been tasked with covering the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of time with the funds given to them, so their funding structure is not geared to the needs of rural communities such as ourselves.

So now we have to decide what, if anything, to do next.  As aids to discussion, I've set up both the 'What Next?' page linked below, and a …
    Lairg & Shinness Community Forum
… which is open to anyone who wants to participate  all that is required is first to register, and then to email me at administrator(at), making the obvious substitution of '@' for '(at)', asking that I check you in.  As a start, I've set up two forums, one for general issues and one for broadband issues.

The documents linked below tell the story of our efforts so far …


  1. Leaflet 1
  2. ISP Comparison (no longer a seperate document as included in FTTC Submission)
  3. Interactive Map Of Ongoing Work (that included with the FTTC Submission was a simplified version of this)
  4. Background Information (that wasn't eventually included in the FTTC Submission)
  5. Investigation of possible FTTC plans underpinning that included in the FTTC Submission
  6. Meeting With Magda Macdonald, Development Officer Lairg & District Community Initiatives, 16/12/2016 - Minutes
  7. Proposed Leaflet 2 (not circulated as agreed above with Magda)
  8. Telephone conversation with Sarah Marshall, Community Broadband Scotland - Notes
  9. Request For FTTC Inclusion Submitted to HIE on 29/12/2016
  10.      Interactive map accompanying above (simplified version of that above)
  11.      Covering email for above
  12.      Covering leaflet for above
  13.      Email rejecting our submission
  14. What Next?